• *Before installation, should Immerse the tiles in water ?
  • No., some tiles need to immerse for 10 min only.
  • *What is the best way to calculate the number of tiles are required ?
  • Length *[multiplying] width=total area in square feet
  •                                      EXP.. hall size, 18’length * 15’width=270 square feet is your hall area…
  • Give us the total area we will calculate, how many tiles are required .always add 10 to 12% extra tiles

*Does purplehouse.in ship products to all over India?

Right now purplehouse.in providing online tiles service only in Pune. We are working hard to present your services to India’s top cities very soon.

Is buying any product from purplehouse.in is safe?

Yes .. It is very safe to buy any product from purplehouse.in

Does purplehouse.in have any display store where I can visit?

We do have not to display stores right now. we are working with the warehouse model.

Which type of payment do you accept?

We accept all types of payment like..cash on delivery, bank transfer, debit card, online transfer ext….

What is the refund time frame?

If your order is eligible for Refund, then within 3 to 5 days, you will get the refund in your bank.

During what time of the day , delivery will done?

All delivery will be done between 8 to 6 Pm of the day.